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"Thanks so much for all your efforts and support!"- Jim Kimo West, guitarist and longtime collaborator for "Weird Al" Yankovic (folk)

"I am very appreciative of all your efforts & am so happy to be working with you! Thank you, Harry! I am smiling from ear to ear- you absolutely made my day & have brought a ton of Joy to my soul! To have one’s work recognized & appreciated feels great." - Keri Johnson (Adult Album Alternative)

"Awesome work...I made a good decision." - Ron Ward Jr. (smooth jazz)

"What a great review! Thank you, Harry." - Karen Caruso (country)

"This is fantastic...appreciate your work." - Wil Alston (jazz)

"Amazing and professionally done, bravo!" - Marius Billgobenson (jazz/World Music)

"Many thanks for the first album review which I must say am so pleased with. A very beautiful review which encapsulates my very deep belief being brought to bare. My prayer is people will find hope and healing through the songs. Many thanks to you Harry for your forthrightness." - Kome Udu (Contemporary Christian Music)


"Wavelength really did an outstanding job for me. I felt like I needed to thank you again. The reason I'm a one man band in every area of my life and career is because I can't trust anyone to come through for me. And it's maddening. I just can't seem to move forward. There's only so much I can do solo, and I do it. But sometimes you need the

help of other people, and other people always seem to let me down. And here in Vegas, everyone is a flake and you can't trust your mama. Wavelength delivered." - Miko Montgomery, nephew of jazz legend Wes Montgomery (jazz/electronic)


"Excellent! Thanks for the stats on the last campaign. The band was excited to see that. "
- The Mudbug Brass Band (Americana)

"You might enjoy knowing how No Depression resulted in a contact and sale from England."
 - Lyrics, Logic and Lullabies (jazz)

"Great work with everything!"

- Marshmellow Overcoat (alternative rock)

"Really great Harry! Thanks so much!
 - Alan Babbitt (jazz)


"Wow... I'm so happy that my album New Chapter's first album review was published. I read it and I liked how they described my song and style. Thank you for letting me know. I appreciate your promotion! I'm looking forward to hearing from you about my next album review."
- Eva Kano (jazz)

"Wavelength is passionate about their clients, and takes time to actually promote them. I am in awe of their ability to find diamonds in the rough. They have brought so many superb unknown artists in my direction, some of whom hit No. 1 on my radio station."- Francois Beaumont, "The Globe" radio


"Thank you for getting me airplay with Eric Clapton and John Mayer on FM radio!" - Classie Ballou, Sr. (blues/Americana)


" guys are really good." - Alysa Haas (jazz)


"Very few in the radio promotion biz works harder than the folks at Wavelength. They also have an excellent ear for talent. Class acts all the way."- Stacey Zering, No Depression magazine


"One of the qualities of Wavelength that separates them from their peers is that they actually listen to the music they're promoting. They are lovers of music, and that goes a long way in convincing radio programmers to spin what they're pitching."- Jackson Scott, Yahoo! News


"Wow, Harry. Thank you so much for making the radio airplay happen. I'm really impressed at how quick you made it happen!  - JR. Volcano Choy (jazz)


"Great work. Thanks."  - Sunny Crownover & the Duke Robillard Orchestra (Americana)


"Many thanks, Harry - the radio report is great." - Fire to the Stars (indie)


"I'm very glad to be working with you, as the company representing me in Australia do the best they can, but the market here is incredibly small, as well as being dominated by overseas major label artists. They also charge almost double what you charge...Thank you very much for all your help." - Victor Steele (pop)


"I am really pleased. Again, thank you." - Emma Klein (country)


"Thank you very much for the campaign of my album and career...we just cannot wait for the next surprise." - Jamie Lee Dale (pop)

"I'm on the charts -- that's awesome!  So thankful and feeling blessed." - Kristen Castro (country)

"I just read the review and I cannot express how happy it makes me feel to read it. It is written so beautiful and it is such a great promotion for our band. Thank you very much Harry for your help! It means a lot." - Salt Seven (jazz)

"The review is impressive. Thanks." - Jan Mulder (jazz)

"Great work, Harry. Keep it coming." - Kenny Wright (jazz)

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