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Thousands of artists get radio airplay and articles written about them on a daily basis. But what about you? Are you being left behind?

You Are Not Alone.


Have you ever tried getting radio airplay or publicity by yourself? Unless you have a devoted staff, you will not be very effective, no matter how many hours you invest in it.




Radio airplay is what nearly every recording artist dreams of. However, without aggressive promotion, it’ll remain that way: a dream.

There are hundreds of college, public and independent FM and commercial online radio stations throughout the U.S. with diverse playlists and no corporate supervision; in other words, they are open to playing unknown, unsigned artists from pretty much any genre. But simply sending them CDs isn’t enough to get them to listen. You need somebody to promote your songs to them, get them interested in sharing your work with their thousands of listeners. You need somebody to keep track of who is playing you – and who isn’t. You need somebody who knows which radio stations to target for your specific genre(s). You need somebody who will make the calls on your behalf to acquire that information.

That’s where Wavelength comes in.

Wavelength is a family-run radio promotions organization with airplay trackers based in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in affordable, musician-friendly radio promotion to all college, public and independent FM radio stations, including Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) outlets, across America.

We target radio stations that report to the College Music Journal, the Americana Music Report, and Roots Music Report. Country, Americana, roots-rock, jazz, folk, blues, soul, Triple A (Adult Album Alternative), alternative rock, post-punk, heavy metal, singer/songwriter, New Age, world music, and indie artists are especially welcome. We also promote hip-hop, R&B, pop, and dance music to college radio stations nationwide. We provide professional work for musicians we feel are good enough for publicity and radio airplay and should receive the exposure that they deserve.

Please send us an e-mail at for our rates. We are flexible and are willing to work with your budget. Drop us a line and let us hear your music.


Harry Watters/Customer Service & Sales

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